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Montana Green Party

Adrien Owen Wagner, Green Party Candidate for HD15

To Whom It May Concern:
Humble Greetings, my name is Adrien Owen Wagner, and I am a candidate for the Montana State House of Representatives for the 2018 election cycle. For the purposes of my personal philosophies, I have chosen to run as a member of the Green Party.

I write this letter first and foremost to state my political ideology, and why I believe this aligns closest to the platform promoted by the Green Party.

I support a political system which focuses objectively on the state of planetary health, and actively develop the earth in a harmonious and sustainable fashion. As far as we are aware, there is no other Earth. This is it… and we are already sowing a path of destruction. In prokaryotic life, development of a colony follows the path of Log (rapid growth), Lag (stagnation), and Death (starvation). It is our duty as humanity to alter this course to one which transforms stagnation into progress. The fate of our planet and as a consequence, our nation, is about the empowerment of young people, whom we borrow the future from.

This campaign is about the promotion the 10 Key Values and 4 Pillars. I commit to a platform promoting Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, Economic Justice & Sustainability, and that as a candidate (and/or legislator) my behavior will respect and adhere to this platform. I also vow in this campaign to reject corporate and establishment tied money, and will rely solely on individual donations and contributions.

Adrien Owen Wagner
Candidate – Montana Legislature: House District 15


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