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Montana Green Party

Democrats seek to disenfranchise more than 10,000 Montana voters 

April 20, 2018



Media Contact: Danielle Breck
1925 Dixon Ave
Missoula, MT 59801

(HELENA, MT) The hearing to determine if the Montana Democratic Party’s attempt to remove the Montana Green Party from the ballot will take place in Helena District Court on Tuesday April 24th at 1:30pm.  The Montana Green Party is encouraging supporters from across the state to attend this hearing in order to defend petition signers’ rights and voting rights in general. If they are unable to attend the hearing in person they are requesting that the fill out the attached form declaring the validity of their support.

Montana Green Party Coordinator issued this statement “More than 10,000 Montana voters signed their names declaring their support for the Montana Green Party to be on the 2018 ballot. State and local elections officials did their due diligence in reviewing those signatures and determined that 7,386 signatures were valid and that the MTGP had qualified in total of 38 districts. This is far more the the 5000 signatures and 34 districts that the party needed.

The efforts by the Democratic Party to disqualify the Green Party over 180 signatures that the Dems don’t think are good enough is not only petty, but also a direct attack on the rights of the Montana voters who signed this petition. For an organization that claims to represent the best interests of the people of Montana, the Democratic Party is working in overdrive in their undemocratic attempt to silence Montana’s Green voices.

The Montana Democrats are likely running up a huge bill by sending in the out-of-state international legal behemoth, Perkins & Coie, to work alongside their local counsel the Meloy Law Firm. If the Democratic Party’s legal efforts are successful in snuffing out this Green Party ballot access, Montana taxpayers may be responsible for covering the out-of-state legal firm’s costs along with the state legal costs, making this effort even more abhorrent.

If that is the case, Montana voters would essentially pay the total economic cost to have their civil rights violated via the out-of-state influence of a heavy handed, high-powered international legal firm.”



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