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Montana Green Party

Doug Campbell, Green Party Candidate for US Congress

As a longtime Independent voter, and a recent Independent candidate, I am immensely grateful to the Green Party of Montana for sponsoring me on the 2018 ballot as candidate for US Representative.   Long before I felt called to run for office, as a native Montanan and dedicated voter, I saw failings in representation for Montana citizens.  Many tenets of the Green Party of Montana platform address those failings and closely mirror our own Constitutional rights – rights that I see as being abridged through influence of campaign finance and political access corruption.   As such, I am committed to supporting major principles of the Green Party platform, and I will not take any stand which is contrary to Green Party values.  I invite my fellow Montanans to explore the Green Party recommendations, which are oft maligned by the media and major parties, but some of the priorities on which I will focus include:
– elimination of corporate personhood, strengthening Constitutional rights for individual citizens
– support and advancement of community and states rights over federal mandates
– judicial, prison, and tort reform
– decentralize and modernize public education
– advance planning for replacement of labor by technology, and fair allocation of technology profits
– fiscal and resource conservatism – don’t spend today only to leave our children and grandchildren with the debt and shortage
– campaign finance reform, fair access to the ballot, and equal participation in elections
Again I express my appreciation to the Green Party of Montana for their support and sponsorship, and I look forward to hearing and representing the viewpoints of _all_ Montanans.

Doug Campbell
Candidate for Montana’s Representative in US Congress

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