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Montana Green Party

Greg Strandberg, Green Party Candidate for SD49

Greg Strandberg
Green Party

I like the Green Party. The first ever vote I cast for president was for a Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader in 2000. Since then we’ve seen two-never-ending wars start up. These wars don’t benefit the American people at all.

On top of this, our environment is terrible, with never-ending-summer forest fires, which we can probably trace back to global warming. Global warming itself is coming about through the insatiable greed of our global corporations, as well as our inability to stop buying their products and services.

Politics in this country is rotten, with two carbon-copy political parties constantly going for each other’s jugular while doing little to help the common workers that actually keep this country running. There’s so much money in politics that our system has become corrupt. This is no longer an issue.

Democrats and Republicans rarely talk about these issues, mainly because they’re too busy raising money from rich out-of-staters. I wish this would stop, but it never will until we get money out of politics.

These are some of the reasons I’m running as a Green in Montana.

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