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Montana Green Party

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Currently the Montana Green Party accepts membership from any individual with an interest in joining. Interested people from across the state are encouraged to join the Green Party at the State Level and pursue developing a local in their area.

To become an official member of the Montana Green Party, please click here to Join Us

Please Join Us! As a member of the Montana Green Party, you will be able to vote on our issues, priorities, platform, and candidates. Your needs will direct the party and will never be subordinate to “superdelegates” or corporate dollars. To the Montana Green Party, each person counts.

You may choose your level of support and participation.

“Growing a Green Local is possibly the most rewarding level of involvement. It has been very satisfying for me to see the progress in both the size of our membership, and the impact that we have on local politics. I think it’s always exciting to be in on the “ground floor” of something, especially when that something is a progressive political movement that will someday change the world we live in! Right now according to statistics from the Green Party of the United States, we are currently the fastest growing 3rd party in the nation, or the world for that matter.”Scott N. Proctor, former MGP Coordinator

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