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Montana Green Party

(Updated 5/28/18)

It was a beautiful spring day in Bozeman as old friends and some new ones came together to renew our commitment to working for the values we hold in common.  There was a lot to discuss and our state coordinator Dani caught us up on the details of the court case.  There is consensus among all of us that we continue to fight for ballot access so that all Montanans can have the option to vote for candidates who are not beholden to corporate donors.

We endorsed the following candidates: Steve Kelly of Bozeman for US Senate, Doug Campbell for US Congress, and Adrien Owen Wagner for Montana HD15.  It is our consensus that these candidates represent our key values and are best qualified to serve the people of our country.

Steve Kelly

We spent a good deal of time discussing our plans for the next year including our push for Instant Runoff Voting (IRV.)  Greg Schneider gave an informative presentation and we discussed our 3-pronged plan for advancing this tool which we are convinced will improve the health of our democracy in Montana.  Currently the voters have very little ability to affect the outcome of elections and many feel their votes are wasted. IRV is a game changer.

Come join your friends, neighbors, and candidates as to discuss the state of the Montana  Green Party and plan for its future!! Lunch will be served and children’s activities will take place throughout the day. Carpool whenever possible.

The state convention will be held at the Bozeman Event Space http://www.bozemaneventspace.com/ located at 14 South Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715 on Sunday, May 13th beginning at 10:00 AM. For additional information, contact 406-333-1898 or [email protected]

Tentative Agenda
10:00 AM: Registration begins

Come meet your fellow Montana Greens as we begin our day with an informal discussion over coffee and doughnuts!

10:30: Welcome Address: Thomas Breck

Introductions: A Brief Overview of the Day

11:00 AM: Workshops

How to organize a local party
Taking action: Brainstorming projects for the party!
We need to get our name out to the public…
What are our priorities?
What other organizations can we partner with to accomplish these goals?

11:00 AM: Open discussion forum

12:00 PM: Lunch Social

1:00 PM: Party Speakers: Candidates

Adrien Owen Wagner, HD15

Doug Campbell, US House
Steve Kelley, US Senate

2:00 PM: Greg Schneider from Followthemoney.org re: Networking and info re: FairVote: RCV Initiative

2:30 PM: Appointment of Committee members

3:00 PM: MTGP Platform Discussion

Platform Committee Volunteers and dates for meeting

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