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SEIU rejects nomination of Gorsuch for Supreme Court

SEIU 775 Represents members in Montana 


In my work as a security officer, I protect what’s important to me and my community on a daily basis. That’s why when I heard that President Trump was nominating a judge from my home state of Colorado, I decided to do research to ensure that Judge Gorsuch would protect what’s important to me. What I found is disturbing and moved me to action.
My research uncovered that Judge Gorsuch has consistently sided with big corporations at the expense of working Americans like myself. If confirmed, he would tilt the Supreme Court against us at a time when our system of checks and balances is more important than ever. Just take a look at his record.
  • He ruled that it was OK to fire a female lawyer who spoke to her boss on behalf of co-workers who had been discriminated against:
  • He didn’t support a sex discrimination claim despite several co-workers testifying to the unfair treatment.
  • He supported firing a truck driver who drove to safety after waiting for assistance in sub-zero temperatures until his torso became numb.
  • He supports legal theories that could limit protections for our clean air and water.
I’m taking action against a U.S. Supreme Court nominee who threatens my basic rights. If appointed, his rulings against working families may stand for generations to come. It’s just too important not to do something. Join me and hundreds of thousands of working Americans by signing up for a text reminder.
In solidarity,
John Stone
Security Guard
SEIU Local 105
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