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This is Bigger than Trump

An essay by Eric Schecter:

Plutocracy and Separateness


First of all, this is not about Trump. This is bigger than Trump. In fact, this is huge.

Part a: Systemic problems.

Racism, sexism, homelessness, oil spills, climate change, war, etc. Reformists generally work on just one of those problems by itself, as though it could be cleaned up without changing everything else in our lives. But if you treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying disease, the symptoms will keep coming back, and new symptoms will appear, too.

What is the underlying disease? I’d say it’s our culture of separateness, but that’s hard to explain. I’ll come back to that later.

A better place to start is plutocracy, rule by the rich. That’s a good approximation, and easier to explain.

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